Comprehensive Exam Reading List

Well, I’m finally done with coursework & it’s time to get to work on good old comprehensive exam readings!

As I’ve worked to create my own comprehensive exam lists, I haven’t really felt like I had a whole lot to build from. Several friends and colleagues have been kind enough to share their materials with me, but the internet has yielded relatively sparse results (cue the imposter syndrome and the never-ending fear that I’m doing it wrong). At the risk of shouting into the void, I’m sharing my list here to hopefully help anyone who happens upon it (or, at the very least, to help me to keep track of my own readings).

These lists and their titles are in flux; I will update and readjust as the lists firm up. (Also, I’m not opposed to suggestions!)

Primary List: CNF/Convergences

  • Alexievich, Svetlana. Voices from Chernobyl
  • Carson, Anne. Nox
  • Fusselman, Amy. The Pharmacist’s Mate
  • Machado, Carmen Maria.
  • Nelson, Maggie. Bluets
  • Nelson, Maggie. Jane: A Murder
  • Nelson, Maggie. The Red Parts
  • Sebald, W. G. The Emigrants

Secondary List: Fiction/Convergences

Theory List: Assemblage/Convergences

  • Hutcheon, Linda.
  • Kristeva, Julia. Desire in Language
  • Weschler, Lawrence. Everything that Rises: A Book of Convergences